Wireless Monitoring System

Wireless Data Monitoring and Compliance Solutions

Haier Biomedical supply complete end-to-end industrial IoT, monitoring and control solutions for the life science sector.

Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Critical asset monitoring – temperature, gas, pressure and status
  • Energy monitoring and control- electric, gas, water
  • Compliance monitoring – food, Pharma, healthcare, legionella
  • Environmental – weather, leak or flood detection
  • Building energy management (BEMS)

Our range of low impact wireless sensors and cellular gateways deliver an easily installed and affordable solution.

Flexible Expandable And Robust Realtime Monitoring without the need for IT

What We Do

The Haier Biomedical Wireless Monitoring and Compliance Systems are designed to be secure, simple and reliable.

This is a single system with software modules which can be tailored to a wide variety of applications ensuring an affordable solution for data collection and energy management. With the Realtime Online software this system is accessible from internet connected devices anywhere in the world. The software display screens and customisable dashboards improve awareness and realtime notifications can be delivered by email or text to ensure your equipment and samples remain safe and secure.

A major differentiator of the Haier Biomedical and Realtime Online integrated solution compared to other products is that with ONE ‘System’ there are many different applications that can be monitored and controlled, from critical asset monitoring and compliance to energy control and monitoring.

This results in an affordable and flexible product, for example, initially purchased for one purpose, then extended for additional purposes without the cost duplicating infrastructures and additional software packages.

The reasonably priced, retro-fit system can either be standalone or integrated with an existing BMS enabling you to operate your building in an environmentally friendly way.

Wireless Monitoring – How it Works

Data Monitoring – No fuss and easy to install, no need for LAN or wireless connection.

There are only three main components within Haier Biomedical’s data monitoring system:

  • Wireless RF transmitters manufactured with bespoke functionality and application specific sensors
  • RF Gateway Infrastructure -– This internet cellular device collects data from the transmitters, stores into memory and transfers up to the Realtime Online web server at regular intervals via GPRS.
  • Realtime Online – a web based software that provides information to the application, plus automated and on-demand reports, alarm notifications, dashboard/information screen etc


Wireless Monitoring Features and Benefits

Features Benefit
Anytime, anywhere access to real time data Data and reports can be accessed at www.realtime-online.com from any web enabled device. No need to be on site to view data. Peace of mind 24/7
Truly roaming GPRS Easy Installation. SIM card will automatically find and use the strongest mobile network. Provides a much stronger robust system. Not reliant on IT
Battery powered transmitters with up to 10 year battery life Save money by not having to change batteries on a regular basis
Extensive range of sensors Temperature, power, energy, air flow, gas, door switch. Sensors also capable of integrating with existing hardware via MODBUS or RS232.
Automated Alerts SMS, Email or Call alert options are available. Escalation alarms can also be set to ensure the correct people are contacted in the correct order at the correct time.
Scalable Suitable for multiple monitoring points over multiple sites – no minimum installation size. System can be expanded as client requirements change
Compliance Fully featured and documented system with training and certification. IQ/OQ/PQ available for GCLP, GMP and other areas
Secure Unique usernames and passwords for individual users. System is fully audited to monitor activity.
Practical design No trailing wires; sensors integrated with units. More cost effective and convenient to install than wired systems or network integrated systems. Allows system to work in areas not compatible with wired systems. Simple to move or expand as required
Signal Sensors have a signal range of 15km ensuring robust reporting and minimal infrastructure. Data is transmitted over encrypted lines to prevent hacking.
Highly experienced field engineers We carry out site surveys to ensure systems are installed efficiently and that installations are supported on an ongoing basis with technical support, maintenance and calibration services offered with and without equipment maintenance contracts (i.e. can service both freezer/lab equipment and monitoring system)
MKT Reports Meets Pharmaceutical storage requirements.
Automated reports Reports can be created and emailed to users on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

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