Biosafety – Working Together to Support Customers

This last month has brought us all together, as Haier Biomedical UK’s team, suppliers, manufacturing, logistics and installation partners have all joined forces to deliver the best customer experience even in very challenging circumstances.

One of the consequences of the novel coronavirus outbreak is a significant increase in the need for biosafety cabinets used within research and testing for the COVID-19 virus. Our global manufacturing facility reached out immediately and offered all safety cabinet stock to the UK and even donated one microbiological class II safety cabinet to the TDL/HSL testing project via our distribution partner Appleton Woods.

The process for delivering and installing safety cabinets involves a team of people, firstly the local area Haier Biomedical representative completes a site survey, secondly our logistics partner delivers the unit and finally, the team from Walkers Safety Cabinets carry out the installation and commissioning.

Chris and Jason from Walker Safety Cabinets Technical Team

The team at Walker Safety Cabinets have been brilliant and have worked tirelessly to get cabinets installed and up and running for our customers. Walker’s team have extended their installation protocol to run through basic operation to help users get up and running quickly.

Jason, Walker Safety Cabinets, providing user training at TDL site, The Ramsey Rivers Hospital.

In normal circumstances Haier Biomedical would offer a non-commercial presentation about safety cabinets, how to use them and provide maintenance tips, where we would gather relevant service engineers and users together to go through a Q&A session.

Haier Biomedical has collated digital resources to support users remotely, these include  User Videos, Electronic User Manuals, Guidelines for Safe Use and other biosafety materials.

If you are looking for a biosafety cabinet supply partner and would like to discuss your requirements please complete the form below , email or call 01932 780 070