About Haier Group

Haier Group is a global leading networked home appliance & furnishing supplier and virtual-real distributor .

Founded in Qingdao, China in 1984, Haier has grown from a small plant close to bankruptcy into a global group with an annual turnover of 163.1 billion yuan (2012). It has five R & D centers, 61 trade companies, 21 industrial parks and over 80,000 employees worldwide, with its customers spread in over 100 countries and regions. According to the data released by Euromonitor, an authoritative consumer market survey agency, Haier has topped the list of global home appliance brands for four consecutive years and ranked 8th on the list of the “Most Innovative Companies 2012” released by The Boston Consulting Group.


Successful enterprises move with the times. Over the 28 years since its establishment, Haier has kept peace with the times focusing on customer demands. After implementing Branding Strategy, Diversification Strategy, Internationalization Strategy and Global Brand Strategy, it entered the stage of the fifth strategy—Networking Strategy in December 2012, building a networking enterprise to get in line with networking markets. Guided by the strategy, Haier has changed from a large-sized enterprise into an open platform-based enterprise, building two platforms based on two listed companies–Qingdao Haier (ticker symbol: 690) and Haier Electronics (ticker symbol:1169).

In the Internet era, Haier fills the organization with passion and creativity through the Win-win Model of Individual- Goal Combination, to promote the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise, its organizational structure has been transformed fundamentally from a “triangle” into an “inverted triangle” and been further flattened into a network with ZZJYT as the basic innovation unit, every node of the organization is driven by customers rather than leaders and meets customer demands through open connection with external resources. The innovation model has been concerned and studied by world-famous business schools and management experts, and is considered to be likely to crack the management problem in the Internet era. After the case of “Haier culture activating shock fish” made its way into the case library of Harvard Business School, the case of “Haier’s cross-culture integration featuring individual-goal combination” has been included in the case library of the European top business school IESE. The Win-win Model of Individual-Goal Combination is guiding Haier in building a global brand in the Internet era by its modernity and internationality.