Holistic cold storage solutions for streamlined GMP compliance

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a framework laying out the minimum standards that pharmaceutical manufacturers must meet throughout their production pipelines – from the procurement of raw materials to product distribution – and, of course, including all points of storage along the way

Unlocking Possibilities: Haier Biomedical

In scientific research and industry, the ability to control environmental conditions is pivotal. Enter Haier Biomedical, a trusted name in scientific equipment, offering a range of climate chambers designed to meet various needs. These chambers aren't just about maintaining specific temperatures; they're versatile tools with applications across industries. Let's delve into the multifaceted world of climate chambers and explore how Haier Biomedical caters to different sectors.

Exploring the Advantages of -150°C Mechanical Cryofreezers

Preserving samples at ultra-low temperatures is paramount in scientific inquiry to maintain their integrity and ensure the accuracy of research outcomes. Traditionally, liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage vessels have been the cornerstone of long-term cryogenic sample storage. However, -150°C mechanical cryofreezers can be a compelling alternative, offering many advantages that challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding cryogenic storage solutions. Let's delve into the myriad benefits of -150°C mechanical cryofreezers and why they warrant serious consideration in your laboratory setting.

Getting the most out of your biosafety cabinet: top tips for best practice


Advancing Blood Storage: Overcoming Limitations of Outdated Technologies in Refrigeration

The landscape of blood storage technology in the United Kingdom has seen remarkable advancements, revolutionising the way blood components are preserved and ensuring the availability of safe products for medical interventions. However, amidst this progress, the issues associated with older technologies in blood bank refrigeration persist as significant challenges that demand attention and resolution.

Optimising Pharmaceutical Storage: A Comprehensive Guide to Pharmacy Fridge Temperature Management


Safety considerations in a liquid nitrogen cryopreservation room


A Vaccine’s Journey: Bridging Healing Across Continents

Over the centuries, vaccines have transcended the boundaries of time and space, making remarkable contributions to safeguarding the lives and health of people all over the world. Haier Biomedical has also made breakthroughs, successfully overcoming one challenge after another while swiftly expanding its industrial deployment, consistently introducing innovative and forward-looking products, and continuously improving its vaccine cold chain solutions. These efforts have significantly contributed Haier Biomedical’s knowledge and expertise to the establishment of a global leading medical and healthcare ecosystem.

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The Development History of Global Refrigerants

With the development over time, many industries, including cold chain, medical, chemical, to name a few, have put forward higher requirements for the refrigeration of refrigerators. As an indispensable member of the refrigeration process, refrigerants have also witnessed the evolution direction of science and technology in the past hundred years.
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