THACO Vietnam's Anti-Pandemic Program

According to a report by Vietnamese media Dantri, the Vietnamese automobile manufacturer THACO designed and manufactured a batch of vaccine transport and inoculation vehicles for local COVID-19 sampling tests in response to the call from the Vietnamese government.

It is worth noting that the vehicles in this project are designed with Haier Biomedical’s HBC-150 ice-lined vaccine refrigerators, with a total of 63 units used to date. The vehicle and its wide-ranging benefits, with superior cold chain vaccine solutions onboard was demonstrated to the Prime Minister of Vietnam. Haier Biomedical’s ice-lined vaccine refrigerator is recognized by customers for its superior thermal insulation performance. The vaccine refrigerator only needs power supply for up to 8 hours a day to work under normal conditions. The temperature in the unit can be maintained at 2°C~8°C at an ambient temperature of between 5°C~43°C, and the holdover time after power failure is more than 60 hours. The Haier Biomedical’s HBC-150 ice-lined vaccine refrigerator complies with the WHO/UNICEF standards with Grade A anti-freezing protection to ensure vaccine safety storage. In addition, HBC-150 ice-lined vaccine refrigerator is designed with a solar display panel, a safety door lock, a compressor operating status indicator, and a temperature data logger, which can effectively monitor and record the storage temperature which ensures the safety of the vaccine.

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