Milestones & Awards


On January 4,2016,Haier Biomedical, the subsidiary of Haier, an international manufacturer with annual sales of $25 billion, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Labtech International’s UK cold chain business. The details of the acquisition have not been announced.

Paul Young, CEO of Haier Biomedical said: “We are very pleased to have acquired the UK cold chain business from Labtech. This acquisition allows us to provide more support to our UK customers directly as well as providing greater vision of the needs of our customers to our research and development teams. In this way we can be confident of supplying our customers with continued improvements year on year.

Dr Brian Page, CEO of Labtech International said, “we have been selling Haier Ultracold freezers to our customers in the UK for more than 6 years now and we have been very impressed with Haier’s commitment to service, quality and product improvement. We are very pleased to have Haier Biomedical continuing to increase their resources and support for our UK customers.”

Haier Biomedical have been developing and pioneering low energy ultra cold freezers as well as expanding their portfolio of products in recent years. The closer relationship with customers in the UK will permit the company to identify even more benefits which can be engineered into the products by its R&D and engineering teams, while the company can also focus on building increased local support.

For further information on this acquisition, please contact Richard Jafrato, General Manager, Haier Biomedical UK Ltd.


In Australia, relying on its good performance, the Global Largest Touch-screen Hydrocooling ULT Freezer (hereinafter referred to as
959) has successfully won trust from some major institutions such as University of Sydney, University of New South Wales KIRBY, BABS, CCIA and Garvan Institute and become the first brand in Australian market for ultra-low temperature and high-end touch-screen.

Haier Walk-in Cold Room has successfully won the bidding for a total of 98 projects including aid to Afghanistan from WHO, aid to Philippines, Syria and Jordan from UNCIEF. Depending on its specialization in and concentration on vaccine cold chain, it has earned confidence from the aid organizations in the world.


Haier Bio-medical inaugurated new facilities for producing medical cold chain products efficiently. The new facility obtains undated manufacturing techniques, more stringent quality standards and modern manufacturing tools.

Haier water-cooled ULT Freezers were installed in SAHMRI(South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute) successfully. All freezers had been working in good condition and researchers were very satisfied with Haier product.


Haier successfully won the Uzbekistan MOH tender for 520 units HYCD-282A combined refrigerator and freezers.

Haier successfully provided MOH tender of Sudan,Tanzania,Uganda and Madagascar etc.,which is a new important milestone to develop the African market.

Haier successfully provided 216 units of medical refrigerators for a MOH project in Philippines.


Haier won MOH tender of blood bank refrigerator and -86℃ ULT freezer in the Russian market.


Haier won the tender “Third National HIV/AIDS Control Project (NACP – III)” from India ministry of Health and successfully supplied in the installation of Blood Bank Refrigerators, -86°C ULT Freezers and -40°C Deep Freezers.


Haier Medical successfully won the bid of 20,930 units vaccine refrigerator from UNOPS (United Nations Program India Purchasing Agency).


World Health Organization (WHO) qualified Haier Medical as the supplier of Ice-Lined Refrigerators and -25°C vaccine & Icepack Freezer lines. The pre-qualified models include HBC-70, HBC-200, HBD-286, HBD-116.


Haier won the UNOPS tender in India, and successfully supplied 15,000 sets of Ice-lined Refrigerators and Vaccine & Icepack Freezers to the program.

Haier Blood Transportation Box – HXC-80, won the bid of UNOPS India /NZCO/BTB/35/2008, from India National AIDS control organization.


Haier won the government procurement tender for International Assistance Program to Cuba from China.