Cold Storage Accessories

Cold Storage Accessories

Stainless Steel Racks
Our freezer racking fit various sizes of freezers and they are compatible with freezer boxes provided by other manufacturers. These freezer racks improve freezer space utilization and satisfy storage requirements of biobanks.
Bespoke Racking Solutions
We offer a vast range of racking and storage solutions for the laboratory, all manufactured in the UK by our local supply partner. We provide standard solutions for most makes and models of ULT freezer and LN2 storage tanks.  We can provide expertise advice and tailor-made solutions to suit your individual needs.  Please get in touch if you would like more information
chart recorder
Chart Recorder
Simple to use chart recorder, with inkless graphic circular recording paper, reliable, convenient and easy to read. Records the change of temperature with time.
30-Days Electronic Temperature Logger

Approved by WHO’s PQS 30days recording capacity

LCD screen displays temperature

Integrated sensor device, dust and water resistant to IP65 protection standard, can be placed in Cold Box or vaccine refrigerator to monitor the temperature

CO2 Backup System

Provides back-up in event of ULT failure to control cabinet temperature

User adjustable temperature setting and low CO2 level alerts

Small footprint, top mounted design

Suitable for almost all types of ULT freezer

LN2 Backup System

Interlocked design to turn off the LN2 injection when the door is opened

Protection circuit to prevent over-charging battery

Light weight and portable design, suitable for installation on top of a freezer

Alarm functions to include low battery and sensor error