Cryoniss, a biological sample storage and logistics provider, buy Haier Biomedical cold storage

Last week Haier Biomedical installed a number of fridges and low temperature freezers  to provide additional cold storage space for Cryoniss in Runcorn.

Cryoniss provide a comprehensive storage service for biological samples from ambient, +4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and vapour phase liquid nitrogen.  They provide tailored storage and logistics management services to customers conducting scientific research, and have a wealth of experience in supporting drug discovery projects from early stage target identification through to clinical trials and life cycle management.

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HYC-390 Pharmacy Refrigerator

The HYC-390 is one of Haier Biomedical’s popular refrigerators, a 390-litre upright pharmacy unit with glass doors. Designed to provide the best in temperature uniformity( ±3°C) throughout the cabinet and accurate temperature control, this fridge has a microprocessor controller with digital display and a data storage capacity of 10 years which can be downloaded via the USB interface.

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DW-40L262 Biomedical Freezer

The DW-40L262 one of Haier Biomedical’s popular -40°C biomedical freezers, designed to store a range of biological materials including blood plasma and vaccines. With integrated evaporator shelves for rapid cooling and maximum refrigeration efficiency.

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