Haier Biomedical Goes Public

Haier Biomedical, a leading provider of IoT biomedical solutions, visited the Shanghai Stock Exchange to celebrate going public. In honor of the occasion, Dr. Liu, Zhanjie, CEO, rang the Opening Bell.

We, Haier Biomedical, consistently innovate to add value to the Cold Chain System solution for our clients within the biomedical arena.

The IPO will provide the investment to allow our company to continue the aggressive expansion of our overseas business.

Haier Biomedical would like to thank you for your support, we appreciate your commitment and value any proposals of business potentials including network expansion, mergers and acquisitions.

For more information contact:

UK: Richard Jafrato Richard.jafrato@haierbiomedical.co.uk

Europe: Giorgio Citarei giorgio.citarei@haierbiomedical.com

China: Belinda Zhang belinda.zhang@haierbiomedical.com