Haier Biomedical Listens to its Customers

Haier Biomedical is one of the world’s leading suppliers of life science equipment, and part of the Haier Group – the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer. At this year’s Lab Innovations in the NEC Birmingham, on 1-2 November, Haier Biomedical will showcase no less than four new products.

Haier Biomedical has listened to the demands of it’s customers within the UK and Europe, dedicating its R&D teams to developing and expanding its range of products to meet their needs.

“It’s great to be able to bring so many new products to market, as it allows us to offer a greater breadth of quality products and services, as well as an alternative and innovative manufacturer who listens to its customers,” said Richard Jafrato, General Manager for Haier Biomedical UK. “I’ve personally been involved with the Haier R&D facility since 2008 and the feedback we’ve gathered from our customers has been integral to the development of these new products. We are continuing to invest in product development and I look forward to more innovations in 2018”.

The new sparkfree unit, developed in-house, offers 360° internal explosion protection and is fully compliant and certified to the ATEX II C-T6 EU standard1. This is one of the highest ATEX rated refrigerators within this market, type IIC nA, requiring a safety barrier to protect the temperature sensor. Utilising a zener barrier, the new sparkfree unit uses quick fuse, a current-limiting resistance or voltage-limiting diode. This limits the input of electric energy to ensure that the sensor will not be a source of ignition for flammable and explosive substances in the cabinet. This is different to other sparkfree refrigerators, ensuring that the Haier Biomedical units are safer by design. This means that these appliances can be used in zone II environments (including II A, II B and II C).

Lab Innovations also sees the launch of the new double exhaust filtered biological safety cabinet. The HR1200-IIA2 utilises two highly efficient HEPA output filters to provide an extra layer of protection without the need for external ducting, thereby reducing the risk of lab pollution. The unit is certified to the EU EN 12469 standard, utilising an ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filter and energy efficient DC fans and EC fans to assure optimal performance, with a low noise output and reduced energy consumption. The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and alleviates operator fatigue.

Other additions include a large double door chromatography cabinet suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications, as well as new ULT freezer models.

The team from Haier Biomedical is looking forward to discussing these new products, alongside its extensive range of life science equipment, with visitors to Lab Innovations. Perhaps these conversations will lead to more innovations from Haier Biomedical – watch this space.


1 – Ref Hazardous area classification and Laboratory operations http://www.hse.gov.uk/electricity/atex/classification.htm