More Sustainable Options for the Modern Laboratory

Returning to Lab Innovations for our third year, Haier Biomedical UK will be showcasing a small selection of our extensive range of cold storage, clean air and related laboratory solutions on our stand. Many of these products and solutions are designed to help laboratories become smarter and more energy efficient.

Lab Innovations, being the UK’s largest and only event dedicated to the laboratory industry, provides a great platform for the company to meet and discuss current plans and challenges facing individuals from across the sector; from research and operational staff to facility and procurement personnel. Many are focusing on creating sustainable science-based operations, while others want products and solutions which are reliable and improve their research outcomes.

Smarter and Greener by Design

Laboratories are highly resource-intensive spaces and are increasingly driven to create more energy efficient operations.

Haier Biomedical is one of the world’s leading suppliers of life science equipment, it designs, manufactures and sells laboratory equipment for the global market to enable scientific researchers and clinicians across the globe to perform research projects, produce medicines and treatments.

In this technology-driven era and the Internet of Things (IoT), Haier has transformed into a cutting-edge, win-win IoT community ecology, taking the lead in igniting the Internet of Things economy.

As an innovator, Haier Biomedical is leading a new revolution in manufacturing and technology development building synergies between itself and its customers by combining its manufacturing with IoT-based biological and medical sciences and practices.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Energy-efficient refrigeration – ULT freezers, biomedical freezers, pharmacy refrigeration and laboratory refrigeration including spark free models
  • Smart liquid nitrogen storage vessels and biobanks
  • Clean air – energy-efficient safety cabinets and laminar flow
  • Wireless monitoring for condition monitoring, energy, environmental and compliance
Products ULT fridges safety cabinets ln2

Connecting laboratory equipment and operations with IoT-based technology makes it possible for real-time monitoring and tracking of facilities. These innovations help science-focused operations reduce resources and support best practices in sustainability.

Haier Biomedical UK offers a complete end-to-end industrial IoT monitoring and control solution which allows facilities with very broad monitoring needs to use just one system, making it very economical.

Monitoring applications include:

  • Critical asset and conditions monitoring – temperature, gas (O2, CO2,), pressure, status
  • Energy monitoring – electric, gas, water
  • Compliance – food, pharma, healthcare, Legionella
  • Environmental – leak or flood detection
  • Building Energy Management (BEMS)

At the sample level, storage conditions can be monitored and recorded in real-time with automated alerts to protect samples. New touchscreen models have integrated IoT software for simplified, intelligent and precise sample management. This can save users time and improve efficiency and also help to reduce wastage.

Haier Biomedical’s staff will be on hand to discuss individuals’ specific needs and hopefully introduce them to what the business, its products and services, can do to support them. Visit stand D1 for more information or email