New Portable Energy Monitoring Kit for Laboratories and Facility Management

Haier Biomedical UK has launched a new portable energy monitoring kit, manufactured in the UK by our partner – Invisible Systems. This starter kit can be used to help measure and review the energy data from laboratory equipment, to make informed choices about its energy usage and potential savings gained by changing equipment or processes.

The portable energy kit demonstrates a range of applications and IoT benefits for monitoring automated meter readings, building automation and critical assets such as cold storage operations.

It validates the ease of installation and connection to the Realtime-Online monitoring platform – just position the sensors and transmitters, plug in the gateway to a power outlet and login to the Realtime-online dashboard.

The system integrates power measurement and communications in a single, flexible unit which can be tailored to suit a variety of energy monitoring and management installations.

What our customer’s say

The trial of the Haier Biomedical Wireless Monitoring System for energy performance purposes yielded positive results.
The flexible platform does lend itself well to recording and visualising electrical usage of equipment and running comparative studies with other monitored variables such as temperature.
Set-up proved simple and the range of the gateway was sufficient to use across the laboratory building. The web-based software on the whole was intuitive.
Overall, there is a good case for including energy monitoring capability as part of procuring this system.

Martin Howes – Sustainable Labs Co-ordinator, University of Cambridge.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a new reality. The insight derived from data collected from internet-connected devices can be used to develop more sustainable laboratories in the future. It can enhance productivity and efficiency, help save money and energy, improve real-time decision making and help to solve critical problems.


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