Haier Biomedical Supports Scientific Research Institutions to Make Life Better


Haier Biomedical has been contributing through technology and innovation to major strategic scientific research projects around the world, and this has been achieved with industry-leading R&D and manufacturing advantages in the cryogenic refrigeration field. Haier Biomedical has worked with our global partners over several years to establish more than 3000 biobanks. Haier Biomedical’s -150℃ Cryo Freezer has raised widespread competitive concern from global customers since its launch earlier this year due to the products 100% hydrocarbon environmentally friendly technology and secure, stable, and efficient performance.

Ochre Bio, a company specializing in chronic liver disease treatment, recently installed Haier Biomedical's Cryo Freezer in their research facility in Oxford. This unit provides a secure, reliable and stable storage environment and multipurpose storage for various products within the laboratory, including critical liver samples.

Haier Biomedical’s -150℃ Cryo Freezer has received high recognition from Ocher Bio. "The Haier Biomedical Cryo Freezer makes storing and retrieving samples extremely safe and easy, as there is no need for liquid nitrogen. We like the touchscreen controller, which is easy to view and very simple to use; it provides historical records and has multiple alarms for added peace of mind, which makes our use of the unit more secure,” explained Frankie Flintoft-Burt, the Project Manager. "The fact that the unit is energy-efficient is a bonus".

Cryo Freezer -150W209.png

Ochre Bio was one of the first companies to install Haier Biomedical's independently developed -150℃ cryogenic freezers. Based on the innovative hydrocarbon refrigeration technology, the product not only offers the lowest power consumption possible (saving energy by 30% around), but it is also safe, quiet (55dB), and suitable for laboratory use. It is a significant step toward reducing the carbon footprint of labs and storage facilities.

As samples are valuable, Ochre Bio needed to be confident that sample security would be maintained. The DW-150W209 unit has the Haier Biomedical intelligent touchscreen controller. Users can set alarms and display real-time operating information, historical data, user access, door openings and event records, saved for up to 10 years and downloaded through the USB interface for traceability and compliance.

As overseas businesses expand continuously, Haier Biomedical will continue to lead the development of the global IoT biotechnology industry by adhering to product innovation and advancing technology development, to promote Haier Biomedical’s products to more users around the world to improve healthcare through the intelligent protection of life science to make life better for all.