Haier Biomedical’s Biological Safety Cabinets in the Austrian Market!

The outbreak of COVID-19 and Monkeypox have posed more challenges to researchers in the biomedical field in recent years. For better virus research and better protection of the environment and operators from pathogenic microorganisms, biological safety cabinets, as an important protective barrier for laboratories, have gained increasing market demands.

As the complete cold chain manufacturer and solutions provider, Haier Biomedical maintains a good partnership with customers across the world. Haier Biomedical’s biological safety cabinets have always been trusted and cherished by customers relying on high-quality performance and ultra-high cost-effectiveness.

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Recently, Haier Biomedical, together with our Austrian partner Bartelt, successfully delivered and installed an HR1200-IIA2-S biological safety cabinet at University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.

"We really like the LCD screen on the biological safety cabinet. Through this screen, all experiment parameters and operating conditions are clear at a glance. We feel very comfortable in the process of using it," comments from University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.

“Apart from the powerful functions of the biological safety cabinet, we have also thought a great deal of Bartelt’s ability to provide us with very professional after-sale technical services and various equipment supports also when deciding our cooperation with Haier Biomedical." 

Haier Biomedical Biosafety Cabinet used in University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.jpg

Matthias Grimm, the Product Manager of Bartelt, said: "It is a great honor to develop the Austrian market together with Haier Biomedical. The biological safety cabinets are easy to handle and deliver, which provides a lot of convenience for our installation work."

Matthias Grimm also said that they would like to work with Haier Biomedical to provide and install more products for the Austrian market in the future.

The HR1200-IIA2-S biological safety cabinet is an energy-saving level-II microbiological safety cabinet designed with dual DC fans, which meet the high-efficient, low-noise, and high-reliability, providing better protection for personnel, product, and the environment while ensuring that the airflow is uniform.
The ergonomic design of Haier Biomedical’s biosafety cabinets has also greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the products. For example, the one-button UV lamp timing function for UV sterilization reduces waiting time effectively. The 10-degree inclination design is ergonomic and convenient for user’s operation, while at the same time preventing the operator's head from touching the cabinet body, ensuring a more comfortable user experience.
Haier Biomedical is always committed to providing high-quality products and professional technical support to users all over the world. Haier Biomedical has been paying attention to all kinds of biomedical projects all the time, to promote global scientific research.