Haier Biomedical Won the 2022 Listed Company Low-Carbon Contribution Award


The 2022 International Green Zero-Carbon Festival & 2022 ESG Leaders’ Summit was held in Beijing recently. Themed by "the road to carbon neutrality", the event set up the "Zero Carbon Prize" for the practitioners and leaders of green development. Adhering to the "environmental development" concept, Haier Biomedical has always been actively practicing the "dual carbon" responsibility, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction through green technology innovation, and leading the green and low-carbon transformation of the biomedical and life science industry, striving to benefit global health with China's green and smart strategy. To this end, Haier Biomedical was given the 2022 Listed Company Low-Carbon Contribution Award at the International Green Zero-Carbon Festival.

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Key technologies and leading the industry's advancement in the low-carbon transformation

Innovation is the central driver of green and high-quality development. Recently, nine authorities including the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the Implementation Plan for Supporting Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality with Science and Technology (2022-2030) and proposed to take actions in developing cutting-edge and disruptive low-carbon technologies and promote the transfer and transformation of low-carbon technology achievements, etc. As a Chinese and international enterprise focusing on science and technology innovation, Haier Biomedical has always been focus driven to be a green manufacturer and high-quality development of our world leading solutions through innovation. Aiming at the forefront of industry development, the Company tackles key problems concerning low-carbon technologies, seizes the commanding heights of science and technology, and hammers away at leading the industry to open a new direction for green and low-carbon transformation.

Driven by the green science and technology innovation as part of our DBA, Haier Biomedical has made breakthroughs in key technologies of hydrocarbon refrigeration. In the ultra-low temperature preservation field, Haier Biomedical has created the first energy-saving core series ultra-low temperature freezer. Designed with a hydrocarbon refrigeration system, the freezer’s refrigeration efficiency can be increased by 30%, directly driving the ultra-low temperature freezer industry to save 50% of energy.

Additionally, with a completely fluoride-free design, the freezer does no harm to the ozone layer and brings an annual carbon emission reduction of nearly 100,000 tons. As to cryo preservation, Haier Biomedical has created the world-leading -150℃ Cryo Freezer starting with the ultra-low temperature refrigeration system constructed on the basis of hydrocarbon refrigerants and frequency conversion compression technology. With hydrocarbon refrigeration technology as the core, the -150℃ Cryo Freezer is designed to use the new-generation fluorine-free hydrocarbon refrigerants that produce no damage to the ozone layer and little greenhouse effect, the dual-compressor four-stage cascade refrigeration system, and IoT technology, which has effectively improved the refrigeration capacity per unit volume of the refrigerants and saves 30% of electricity. The -150℃ Cryo Freezer is not only environment-friendly and energy-saving but also reliable and efficient.

Delivery of the world-leading -150℃ Cryo Freezer.png

Delivery of the world-leading -150℃ Cryo Freezer

Amid the smooth progress of the “dual carbon” strategy, it has become a consensus for the development of the cryo preservation industry to explore new refrigeration technologies with higher efficiency, lower carbon emission, and more energy saving. Focusing on the development of cutting-edge green and low-carbon technologies, Haier Biomedical has taken the lead in developing Stirling refrigeration technology and its application projects and has successfully tackled the technical problems of efficient Stirling refrigerator control and reached a leading level in the world in terms of efficient and highly reliable control, creating a new path for the green "zero carbon" transformation of the cryo preservation industry. As the industrialization of the Stirling refrigeration technology speeds up, Haier Biomedical will surely promote the medical equipment of China's biosafety industry to achieve green and high-end development.

Based on its continuously-leading strength in green science and technology innovation, Haier Biomedical led the formulation of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Certification Criteria for Low Temperature Freezer and participated in the formulation of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Certification Criteria for Medical Freezer, which have filled the gap in the energy conservation and energy consumption identification standards of their respective fields and promoted the development of green standards in the industry.

Adhering to benefiting the people through science and technology, China's zero-carbon technologies benefit global health

The ultimate purpose of science and technology innovation is always to satisfy people's yearning for a better life. Bearing the mission of serving people through science and technology in mind, Haier Biomedical always focuses on the people's needs for a healthy and better life, develops key green and low-carbon technologies, and accelerates the industrial applications of such technologies, striving to show the world the power of China's green technologies.

Considering the status that the less developed parts of the world are difficult to obtain basic immunization coverage due to lack of electricity, Haier Biomedical has created the zero-carbon solar direct drive series vaccine refrigerator, which can deliver an insulation efficiency 1.6 times that of the foreign brand products with only 1/3 cold storage materials. With a battery-free design, the product life is also extended from the original 5 years to more than 10 years. Additionally, the SDD vaccine refrigerator can maintain a constant temperature under a large span temperature difference of nearly 50℃ and hold the inner temperature below 8 ℃ for up to 120 hours at an ambient temperature of 43℃ in the case of a power failure, far exceeding the 72 hours of holding time required by World Health Organization. The product has upgraded the highest level of protection for safe storage of vaccines and the relevant international standards.

Haier Biomedical’s solar vaccine refrigerators have improved the availability of basic immunization coverage.png

Haier Biomedical’s solar vaccine refrigerators have improved the availability of basic immunization coverage

For now, Haier Biomedical’s solar vaccine refrigerators have benefited 78 countries and regions along the Belt and Road, serving 45 million school-age children around the world every year. While providing basic immune protection for the relevant population, Haier Biomedical’s products and solutions also contribute to green development, reducing carbon emissions by109,500 tons per year in operation, which is equivalent to the carbon neutralization of 4500 mus of adult trees. In addition, Haier Biomedical also cooperates with the Pasteur Institute, the World Health Organization, and other international organizations and top scientific research institutions in creating solar laboratory, solar direct drive cold storage, solar clinic, and other green solutions to help the less-developed parts of the world construct health care infrastructure, striving to benefit the global health with China’s zero-carbon solutions.

Based on its continuous exploration and application of green technologies, Haier Biomedical’s products have made numerous achievements: its solar direct drive refrigeration technology won the China Excellent Patent Award; its medical freezer was issued the first energy confederation and environmental protection certificate for medical freezers by China Quality Certification Center (CQC); its pioneered ULT series products were selected in the 2021-2022 Energy-saving and Environment-Friendly Product Catalogue of Chinese Association of Refrigeration; 36 self-developed models falling into the two categories: medical freezer and biosafety cabinet have been selected as excellent domestic medical equipment; 49 models of cryogenic storage products have passed the American Energy Star certification; more than 30 products have been selected into the World Health Organization PQS Global Procurement Catalogue. Haier Biomedical’s green and low-carbon scientific innovation achievements have been unanimously recognized by the industry and the market.

Apart from technological innovation, on the road to "carbon neutrality", Haier Biomedical has blended the concept of green development in all fields and links and built a green and low-carbon development system that runs through the whole chain of production and operation from procurement to research and development, manufacturing, transportation, and office, aiming to provide technical support for the realization of the "dual carbon" goals. In the future, Haier Biomedical will continue to fulfill the "dual carbon" responsibility and accelerate the breakthroughs of key technologies and the iteration of green scenarios based on the green and high-quality development requirements of the biomedical industry, leading the industry to create a new situation for green zero-carbon development and transformation and injecting "green power" into the economic transformation and upgrading and the sustainable development to make life better.