Launch Ceremony for HB New Biosafety Cabinets


Haier Biomedical new biological safety cabinets have gained worldwide attentions since their launch in 2022, the orders keep pouring in from countries such as the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Peru to name but a few. Recently, Haier Biomedical held the launch ceremony for the first batch of new biological safety cabinets (Model HR700-IIA2 and HR900-IIA-D) to deliver to international customers, partners and key stakeholders.

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The development of life science research comes with new requirements for facilities and equipment, biological safety cabinets are also being innovated.
The Haier Biomedical Dual HEPA and Mini Biological Safety Cabinets are focused at life sciences and medical laboratory science. Contrary to traditional bulky cabinets, the mini biosafety cabinet is compact, portable, and easy to handle in virus-sampling warehouses, airport and railway station sampling centers, car laboratories, and other confined spaces. At the same time, it improves space utilization. It can sit on the table, which is highly acclaimed by laboratory users. The Dual HEPA biosafety cabinet is designed with two DC fans, providing a stable air flow environment with minimum energy consumption ensures the air exhausted into the laboratory is cleaner and safer with lower noise.

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Haier Biomedical’s new biosafety cabinets HR700-IIA2 and HR900-IIA2-D expand the product lineup. At present, Haier Biomedical has six series of biosafety cabinets to suit different scenarios and user requirements

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A team focused on creating the best user experience, Haier Biomedical concentrates on product innovation for international customers and enhances its global presence, aiming to be the global leader in the biosafety industry.