Your Guide to Buying LED Wall Packs 23


When deciding which wall pack, there are a few important factors to take into consideration. Knowing which factors are the most important for your application is the key for picking the best wall pack. Key factors include wattages, motion sensors, photocells, wet rated, DLC listed, and dark sky compliant.


The wattage is crucial to determining the correct wall pack. Depending on the desired area you wish you light, you may want a higher wattage or a lower one if the area isn't very large. Remember, the larger the area you want to illuminate, the higher wattage the fixture will be.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are great for areas where you want to light up the area when there are people walking by. These are common for exits to buildings, pathways, and occasionally yards. These are also factory installed, so there is no additional installation needed.

Photo Cell

A Photo Cell allows a fixture to only turn on during the darkness and turns it off once it detects light. These help conserve energy since the light is only one when needed. These usually require some minor effort to install for most wall packs.

Damp Location Rated

If the wall pack is going to be in contact with liquids, then a UL Damp Rated fixture is the right choice. If you aren’t sure if it will be in contact with liquids, having a damp rated fixture is never a bad choice.

DLC Listed

This is very important if you are looking for an energy rebate. Usually relevant to commercial and industrial settings, a DLC listing can sometimes make or break the decision to choose one fixture over another.