Newletter September 2023 en.

ArabLab 2023

Turkish Health Ministry endorsement

Safe considerations in LN2 cryopreservation room

Develop cold chain logistics


Newsletter August 2023 en.

  • Haier Biomedical @ 2023 Vietnam IVF
  • Don't miss us @Medic East Africa @Arablab

  • Belford Hospital in UK add Haier Biomedical's blood bank refrigerator

  • Consumables

  • New products

  • Blog: A Vaccine's Journey


Newsletter July 2023 en.

  • Haier Biomedical platelet agitator wins bid for Chilean Blood Bank Project
  • Accelerated global expansion in pursuit of new opportunities
  • Solar energy trend in medical equipment industry
  • Products & Services: Vietnam launches climate chamber
  • Blood - Haier Biomedical "World's brand"


Newsletter May 2023 en.

  • Haier Biomedical Annual Distributor Conference "Together Creating Better Future Through the Intelligent Protection of Life Science"

  • Haier Biomedical Products Assists Gabon

  • HB Supports Madagascars Vaccine Cold Chain

  • Demystifying the Biological Safety Research Lab


Newsletter April 2023 en.

  • Haier Biomedical’s 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Released

  • Success for Haier Biomedical at 2023 AACR Exhibition

  • Autoclave "It is Essential to Spread the Knowledge of Pandemic Prevention."

  • Science and Technology Lead the New Trend of Ultra-low Temperature Preservation


Newsletter March 2023 en.

  • HB U-Blood Solution Approved by Partners

  • International Senior Management Conference Successfully Completed!

  • Unlocking the Power of ULT Freezers: Why Validation is Crucial for Success!

  • Haier Biomedical: Resource Integration Accelerates Global Market Expansion


Newsletter February 2023 en

  • Haier Biomedical: Strengthening the World Together by Embracing Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Temperature Monitoring is Vital for Pharmaceutical Storage

  • Biomedicine in Japan supported by Haier Biomedical


Newsletter January 2023 en

  • Haier Biomedical’s Acquisition of Suzhou Kangsheng Demonstrates its Ambition to Further Expand Smart Laboratory Solution Scenario

  • European Partners Training at Haier Biomedical’s UK Offices

  • Self-Pressurized Nitrogen Container: Makes Liquid Nitrogen Filling Easier & Safer


Newsletter December 2022 en

- Haier Biomedical's liquid nitrogen containers contribute to gene solutions research

- How LN2 containers protects umbilical cord blood

- Haier Biomedical supports scientific research institutions to make life better

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