Product Bulletin #16 | The Salvum J Series of Energy Efficient ULT Freezers

The Salvum J series of ULT freezers is our most popular range of -80°C ULT freezer offering excellent energy efficiency and great value for money.

The natural hydrocarbon refrigeration system, utilises non-toxic refrigerants that have no ozone depleting properties and low global warming potential, reduces energy by 30%.

Energy Efficient ULT Freezers – Salvum Series

Haier Biomedical’s Salvum Series of energy efficient ULT freezers, made with HC refrigerants and designed to lower energy consumption by 50% compared to traditional ULT units.

The advanced insulation design with double foam insulation and a 5-layer door gasket configuration saves an additional 20%, resulting in a cabinet which is 50% more energy efficient than traditional ULT freezers with HFCs.

Salvum J Series Energy Efficient ULT Freezer Key Design Features :

  • HC refrigeration and energy saving cabinet design
  • Slim cabinet design means all models fit through doors with a 90cm opening or more
  • Quiet and energy-saving fan design keeps noise level down to less than 50 dBA
  • Filter is easy to extract for cleaning and maintenance without the need for tools
  • Stainless steel shelving and intelligent space design ensures superior cabinet temperature uniformity
  • Ergomonic handle design to enable users to access unit easily and automatic pressure equalisation port ensures quick re-entry into cabinet
  • USB port for temperature data downloads
  • Remote alarm contact for remote alarm monitoring
  • Multiple alarm system
  • Castors and adjustable levelling feet
  • Energy star certified

Options and Accessories:

  • RS232/485 port
  • Chart recorder
  • CO2 back system
  • Wireless monitoring system
  • Racking systems to suit all requirements

Salvum Series Model Line Up

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