Product Bulletin #18 New Underbench 100L Stackable ULT Freezer

Haier Biomedical UK has added to its extensive range of ULT freezers with the addition of a new underbench ULT freezer – available for delivery mid-June.

Introducing DW-86L100J personal ULT freezer specifically designed for low temperature storage of biological products and samples such as viruses, bacteria and tissue.  This is a flexible,100L capacity under bench or on counter personal ULT freezer and it is stackable.

Key Features DW-86L100J Underbench ULT Freezer:

  • Eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants lower the energy consumption, 5.5kWh/day
  • Superior thermal insulation performance, 70mm super thick insulation layer design, 25 mm specialist vacuum insulation material and 4 layers of silicone seal, provide superior thermal insulation and energy saving effect
  • Microprocessor controller with LED display – display precision 0.1°C, temperature set-point -40~-86°C(adjustable).
  • Clear LED display shows internal temperature, ambient temperature and voltage simultaneously.
  • Multiple alarms include high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, power off alarm, low battery alarm, open door alarm, high ambient temperature alarm.
  • RS485 port and 5V cold chain interface
  • USB interface as standard, download temperature historical data for compliance
  • One access port
  • Durable and safe cabinet construction.

Dimensions DW-86L100J Underbench ULT Freezer

Internal dimensions (W*D*H): 330*481*630mm

External dimensions (W*D*H): 770*600*810mm

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