Product Bulletin #19 | New Products COVID-19 Essentials

In response to the recent pandemic and in order to support organisations to operate safely, Haier Biomedical has worked to develop a range of products to support safe working practices.

  • IR forehead thermometers. The Haier Biomedical model UFR106 is an infrared forehead thermometer which allows users to measure temperature without any physical contact. View thermometer brochure.
  • Air purifier sterilizers. An air purifier is a device that removes contaminants from the air within a room to improve indoor air quality and Haier Biomedical’s YKJK-Y500 features a triple disinfection technologies, cleaning air to class 100,000 cleanliness. View air purifier brochure.
  • Transport Coolers for infectious materials suitable for COVID-19 specimens. Passive and active cooling transport boxes are available with triple-layer protection. View passive cooling transport cooler brochure or active cooling transport cooler brochure.


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