Product Bulletin #3 New ATEX rated freezers for the laboratory

ATEX sparkfree freezers – safer, smarter and greener by design

Haier Biomedical has recently added two new sparkfree freezer models to its ATEX rated range of laboratory refrigeration, used for reliable and safe storage of flammable and non-flammable materials. Utilising energy saving hydro-carbon refrigerants and insulation these freezers provide users with excellent temperature uniformity and fast cool down rates.

Designed to meet the stringent standards of ATEX with an explosion rating to zone II C T6 (85°C), the non-static interiors, where all metal parts are grounded, feature aluminium evaporator shelves and plastics drawers. The evaporator shelving provides faster cool down rates and a more uniform temperature distribution, typically ±3℃, than non-evaporator shelf alternatives.

The models are designed to be energy efficient utilising an optimised hydro-carbon, environmentally safe refrigeration system and cyclo-isopentane polyurethane foam insulation (meets EU ROHS directive) to ensure these freezers use less energy and meet the RoHS directive designed to reduce waste.

Other features include:

• Low noise – Unique cabinet design and refrigeration system emit only 30 dba, eliminating high pitch noises.
• Micro-processor control with LED temperature display, adjustable temperature from -10°C to -25°C in 1°C increments. Visual and audible alarms include high/low temperature, sensor failure and door ajar alert.
• Remote alarm contacts as standard.
• Dual lock design with key and facility to add padlock if required.
• Unit comes with castors and levelling feet to ensure unit is easy to move and secure in place.
• Warning labels alert users about safe operation.

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