Electronic Temperature Datalogger

WHO Approved Data Logger

PQS Code: E006/040

USB connection

Automatically generates CSV file with temperature data.

Designed for 2-8C storage

Equipped with hi/lo temperature visual alarm.


30 Day electronic temperature logger provides continuous, real-time, traceable monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Approved by WHO’s PQS, PQS code:E006/040
  • Special designed for 2~8°C vaccine storage, equipped with high/low temperature visual alarm according to WHO standard
  • Recording capacity is over 30days, recording interval is 6 minutes, and outdated data will be overwritten by new one
    automatically, when the recording volume is full
  • With LCD screen which displays temperature
  • Integrated sensor devices, dust and water resistant is IP65 protection standard, it can be placed in Cold Box or vaccine
    refrigerator to monitor the temperature directly
  • The Logger can be plugged into the USB of any PC to automatically generate a CSV file including temperature data and
    temperature graph which can be generated by data management software
  • Built-in disposable wide temperature range lithium battery(Non-replaceable) with a minimum operating life of two years
    after a maximum shelf life of one year
  • The bracket is a standard accessory


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