Roslin Institute Supplier Fair

Haier Biomedical will be in attendance at The Roslin Institute Suppliers Fair on 25th October.

The Roslin Institute is at the forefront of life science research encompassing four scientific divisions – developmental biology, genetics & genomics, infection & immunity and clinical sciences. Haier Biomedical is proud to be one of the institute’s suppliers and to have a small part in its success.

Our wireless monitoring system is used extensively across the Institute’s many sites, monitoring over 330 pieces of laboratory equipment, ranging from CO2 incubators to ULT freezers and -150°C mechanical cryogenic freezers. The system is also used to monitor the room temperatures within the Institute which is essential for the effective and efficient operation of critical scientific equipment and the facility as a whole. The sites covered include The Roslin Institute Building, The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, Hospital for Small Animals, Bumstead Building, Farm Animal Practice and Equine Clinical Unit and Dryden Farm,

In addition to monitoring we recently won a tender to supply –80°C ULT freezers through Wolflabs, one of our supply partners, to the Charnock Bradley building. Haier Biomedical’s standard range of Salvum low energy ultra-low temperature freezers, with innovative cabinet design to reduce energy consumption, provide reliable performance whilst reducing operational noise.

The suppliers fair offers scientists and students alike the opportunity to meet with over 40 companies to discuss their own projects. On the day, Richard Jafrato, Haier Biomedical’s General Manager will be available to offer advice and ideas relating specifically to cold storage solutions and compliance monitoring to ensure the quality and integrity of samples and reagents stored as part of the research process.

Accompanying Richard will be Doug Scott, our man in Scotland, who is also Haier Biomedical’s clean air product specialist. Doug is responsible for running End User Seminars for Biosafety and is also able to provide expert advice and in-depth knowledge to help guide customers on laboratory designs and refits.

Doug notes, “This is an important date in the calendar, not just for Roslin, but for the University of Edinburgh as a whole, engaging researchers from all scientific disciplines. Edinburgh is one of the world’s leading research universities ranked 4th in the UK for research power. It’s a truly Global university, making a significant contribution to the world, through global partnership, exchange and engagement, something I know Haier Biomedical values.”

Haier Biomedical has been developing and pioneering smarter, greener and cleaner technologies to reduce the energy and impact of life science equipment and our current portfolio of products includes:

ULT energy efficient freezers (-86˚C), including our newest ULT freezer with an energy consumption of just 8.2Kwh/24hr
Low temperature freezers (-40˚C)
Biomedical freezers (-20/-30˚C)
Pharmacy refrigeration
ATEX accredited sparkfree refrigeration
Liquid nitrogen storage systems
Microbiological safety cabinets with energy efficient technologies
Wireless data (and compliance) monitoring
Servicing, repair and preventative maintenance contracts