The Sun Shines on The Roslin Institute – Visit to New Building

This week Richard and Doug went on a tour of The Roslin Institute’s facilities, taking in the new Charnock Bradley Building with views over the Pentland Hills towards the new Large Animals Research Imaging Facility due to open in 2020.

The Roslin Institute uses Haier Biomedical for the monitoring of critical cold chain products including included +4°C fridges, -20°C freezers, -80°C ULT freezers, incubators and walk in cold rooms. The system is also used to monitor the room temperatures within the Institute which is essential for the effective and efficient operation of critical scientific equipment and the facility as a whole. The sites covered include The Roslin Institute Building, The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, Hospital for Small Animals, Bumstead Building, Farm Animal Practice and Equine Clinical Unit and Dryden Farm.

To learn more – download the Roslin Monitoring Case Study.