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Calibration and Temperature Mapping Services


Calibration Services


Many organisations within Healthcare, Life Science sectors and related industries store temperature sensitive products and samples whereby the integrity of storage system temperature is paramount. These organisations often have GMP and regulatory requirements that require storage units to be temperature mapped upon commissioning and on a periodic basis, usually once a year, and calibrated to protect the products or samples and ensure compliance.

Haier Biomedical UK offers,via our trusted partners, UKAS traceable calibration services and custom cold storage temperature mapping protocols for healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Engineers calibrate all types of cold storage and temperature-controlled equipment or storage areas including: 

· General refrigeration +4℃ to -20℃ 

· Biomedical freezers -30℃ to -40℃ 

· Ultra low temperature freezers -80℃

· Cold stores 

· Stability chambers 

· Warehouse areas 

· Incubators 


With a calibration visit, you can confirm that critical storage equipment or storage areas are operating within given tolerances and limits by comparing readings between the instrument and the reference instrument within specific conditions. Through our UKAS accredited partners we deliver audit-quality compliant calibration using UKAS accredited temperature devices which includes the documentation of any deviation and subsequent adjustment where possible to comply with the reference as well as creating the calibration certificate for each unit. 


To comply with regulatory guidelines, any temperature mapping must be performed using traceable calibrated measuring instruments.


MHRA GDP guidelines1 require “An initial temperature mapping exercise should be carried out on the storage area before use, under representative conditions.” We offer multi-point temperature mapping, producing audit-compliant documentation as required.  


As there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ we offer bespoke packages dependant in your individual requirements, contact us to discuss further on 01932 780 070.