Smiles all round. Another successful Class 2 installation

Ubiquigent Limited recently took delivery of our dual exhaust Class II microbiological safety cabinet. Ubiquigent, spin-out therapeutic drug discovery company from University of Dundee, enables and supports protein degradation focused drug discovery via modulation and exploitation of the ubiquitin system.


The cabinet was successfully installed and commissioned by our clean air service partner Walker Safety Cabinets. Sean, the engineer is shown here with a very happy lab manager, Sheelagh.

The HR1200-IIA2-D is Haier Biomedical’s energy efficient double exhaust filtered Class II biosafety cabinet which offers users three levels of protection – operator, product and environment.

HR1200-IIA2-D key features:

• Energy Efficient – DC+EC fans and longer lasting LED lights reduce energy consumption.

• Double Exhaust Filters – Two highly efficient HEPA dual output filters reduce the risk of lab pollution.

• Side Glass Windows – Glass wall allows more natural light in, reducing optical stress caused by artificial lighting, as well as maximising the usable space.

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