Sparkfree Refrigerators – Safer by Design

Haier Biomedical UK supply sparkfree refrigerators for the safe storage of flamable or volatile substances. Our new sparkfree units, developed in-house, offer 360° internal explosion protection and are fully compliant and certified to the ATEX II C-T6 EU standard*. This is one of the highest ATEX rated refrigerators within this market, type IIC nA, requiring a safety barrier to protect the temperature sensor.

Utilising a zener barrier, the new sparkfree units use quick fuse, a current-limiting resistance or voltage-limiting diode. This limits the input of electric energy to ensure that the sensor will not be a source of ignition for flammable and explosive substances in the cabinet. This is different to other sparkfree refrigerators, ensuring that the Haier Biomedical units are safer by design. This means that these appliances can be used in zone II environments (including II A, II B and II C).

HLR-118SF - Door OpenHLR-310FL - door closed
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Model No.DescriptionList Price
HLR-118SF2 - 8°C Sparkfree refrigerator, 118L, under counter, solid door. Ext. dimensions, mm (wxdxh) 597×635×835£675.00
HYC-68A2 - 8°C Sparkfree refrigerator, 310L, upright model, solid door. Ext. dimensions, mm (wxdxh) 605x598x1840£1,085.00

*Hazardous area classification and Laboratory operations