SRUC Safety Seminar

A big thank you to Linda Paterson for helping organise Wednesday’s biosafety seminar at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) given by Douglas Scott, our clean air applications specialist.

This free entry-level or refresher course covered a range of topics and provided an opportunity for delegates to ask questions such as – How effective is UV?’ Doug explained that UV is not recommended by the HSE and a good clean down with 70% alcohol is enough after you have finished your work.

If you would like further information or to arrange a free biosafety seminar for your department, please get in touch –

The biosafety course topics include:

• An overview and background of clean air technology.
• The principles of laminar flow and its importance in laminar flow cabinets and biological safety cabinets.
• The differences between laminar flow cabinets and biological safety cabinets in terms of their application suitability and working.
• How to operate safety cabinets and proper and correct maintenance procedures.