Top Tips To Keep Your (Samples) Cool

In the summer months, cold storage equipment can often be put under additional stress as the weather warms up and ambient temperatures increase. This can mean extra headaches for users and facility managers when the equipment goes wrong or warms up.

5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Cool

1 – Make sure your equipment is well-maintained all year round. Unmaintained equipment may have components like compressors or door seals with issues that if left, can hinder performance, especially in hot weather. A good idea is to organise your annual or bi-annual PPM in May, to prepare for increased ambient temperatures in the summer months.

2 – Clean equipment regularly following manufacturers’ guidelines. Cleaning filters and knocking excess frost and ice from doors and door seals are simple steps a user can take to maintain their freezers. Check the video for guides on how to clean the condenser filter and how to remove ice on your Haier Biomedical ULT freezer.

3 – Load product according to guidelines. Make sure not to obstruct the air circulation and do not try to load too many warm products into your unit at any one time.

4 – Reduce door openings and length of door openings where possible. If staff are constantly in and out, propping the door open while loading or trying to find a sample, the interior of the unit will warm and need to work extra hard to pull back down to temperature.

5 – Position to meet the manufacturer’s guidelines. In general, refrigerated units require a minimum distance around the side and rear to maintain airflow. Units should be positioned away from direct sunlight and in a room with an ambient maintained below 32°C.

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