TwinCool TwinCool Little Star – Winter ULT Offer


We running a special offer on our innovative TwinCool ULT freezer which features our dual refrigeration technology.

Ultra low temperature freezers with intelligent TwinCool technology offer users the highest level of protection for valuable samples; if one compressor fails, the second compressor is designed to maintain the cabinet temperature at -80°C, ensuring sample integrity. For more information go to TwinCool webpages.

  • Maximum sample security
  • Maximum energy efficiency utilising HC refrigerant
  • Fast cabinet pull down and recovery after door opening

Buy our 578L or 728L model at a special offer price and get a FREE  -20°C freezer, DW-25L92.

Quote RefDescriptionOffer Price
TwinCool578DW-86L578S TwinCool ULT freezer, 578L capacity.
Plus DW-25L92 undercounted freezer
TwinCool728DW-86L728S TwinCool ULT freezer, 728L capacity.
Plus DW-25L92 undercounted freezer

Prices include sited delivery of the ULT freezer (subject to site survey) and delivery to stores of the small under bench freezer. Prices exclude VAT and offers are on a first come first served basis while stocks last.

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